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Hey mate. Welcome to my little website. My name is Konstantin. Im from Ukraine. I am simple guy who just likes football and very lucky to collect something. Really, I never thought that someday I begin to collect match football shirts.

It happend around 2009-2010. Just was interesting to put on my wall in the room Ukraine home shirt 2006, just for memory about greatest time for all ukrainian football - World Cup 2006. But in procces I found a lot of people who collecting football shirts, fottball balls, match videos, tickets, signed cards etc.

I was surprised and my interest become bigger and bigger. So I started to looking for and collect Ukraine match videos to learn kits history. I got a lot of information about it and I thought need to show this for people because in the web no really full information about Ukraine kits history. So, I coded this little website. Im not a richboy to pay someone and Im not a developer - I learned webcoding just to make this website, so if you see any bug - please let me know, I'll try to fix it.

Here, on my website, you can find Ukraine kits history, some interesting statistics and my own shirts collection, as well.

Ukraine Football Kits History

P.S.: My friend, I have a dream: one day to open small museum. And I invite you to help me - maybe you have any Ukraine football shirt/match video/rare photo, etc - please let me know:

But, if you dont have any stuff Im looking for - I'll be very thankful if you help with money, just donate me please. Regards.

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